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“All you need to know about how to play; teams, court size, serving, scoring and formations.”


Singles or doubles (1 vs. 1, or 2 vs. 2)

Court dimensions

The court is rectangular in shape (singles 24m x 7.5m and doubles 24m x 11m) with a net (2.10m) separating the two sides.


Every point begins with a serve and each player takes it in turns to serve throughout the match. The server can begin play from anywhere behind the baseline. The only stipulation is that the ball must go over the net and inside the opposition’s court boundaries. If a fault is made on the first service attempt the server will be given a second service. In doubles, the court is divided into four parts with a line down the middle. The service can no longer go anywhere within the opposition’s court boundaries but instead must be played on the diagonal.

How to score

A match is won when either a player or team wins the most sets, which in TamBeach is the best of 3 (meaning 2 sets will win the match). The first player or team to win 12 points wins a set but this is only the case for the first two sets. In the eventuality of a third set, the winner is the first player to reach 5 points. There are many ways for a player or team to win a point, for example, the ball lands in the oppositions half, or the ball is hit out of the boundaries of play.


The TamBeach court is a lot larger than many people would expect, meaning that there is a lot of ground for players to cover. Beating an opponent can be difficult especially when players are able to dive and retrieve the most difficult to reach shots. In doubles, side-by-side is a good formation to adopt, due to large the court size and the added difficulty of running in sand. Each player is given ownership of their half of the court, meaning that they need to cover both the front and back. However, for this to work, teams must work together and have good anticipation.

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