History of TamBurello

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As your finding out more and more about the sport of TamBurello, consider the following as a very short history of this fantastic sport that is really taking off around the world.

The general consensus is that the sport was started by the Italians and was first played in northern Italy in the 16th Century. At this time it was played outside during the summer in the grounds of the many grand castles in northern Italy. In some cases you can still find the TamBurello courts in the castles to this day.

There was also a TamBurello court just behind the trees on the Imola racecourse in Italy where the nearest corner to it was named the TamBurello corner for this very reason. Upon the tragic death of Ayrton Senna the circuit was redesigned and this area of the track was subsequently renamed.

There have even been references of the sport visiting the shores of the United Kingdom with licences being granted for the playing of TamBurello in the London parks as far back as 1904.

When players realised that they wanted to play all year-round the sport was brought indoors and this is where we arrive at what we know as TamBurello today. Some refer to the sport as Indoor TamBurello as the outdoor sport is still played in parts of northern Italy.

The oldest club that is still playing TamBurello today is Lunel (close to Montpellier, France) and was formed in 1861.

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