How to get your kids active

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We think that many will agree when we say ‘we live in a digital age’ where technology is keeping us indoors and sedentary. Today’s technology like Mobile Phones, Television and Games Consoles are very good at keeping us connected and offer many benefits in this sense. However, as a result many families are choosing to stay indoors over getting out and being active together.

The long term effects of this lifestyle, you may agree, could be affecting us all both physically and mentally. You may also agree that it is putting strain on today’s families that can lead to further problems.

We all choose to live our lives differently and for those that are seeking new ways to get themselves and their children out of the house, active and ‘off-grid’ we think TamBourelli is a great way to start.

TamBourelli is quick to pick up and easy to play (unlike many other sports) which means you can enjoy it all together as a family, and who knows you may find yourself having a great rally with your 7 year old! It’s a fun and inclusive sport that can be played indoors or outdoors (weather permitting of course) and has many great benefits beyond those already considered above.

Improve your reflexes, cardiovascular fitness and hand-eye coordination through TamBourelli. Increase your children’s level of motor skills, confidence and self-esteem!

Make a change today by contacting and we will help you get started.

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